Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It is on.

There were a few times, (whilst drunk or depressed notably) where I've needed some kind of output for my bile. And then I remembered for like a year and a half I came here to spout absolute fucking shite about everything from graphic novels to the biggest animal I could punt over a rugby post (a chihuahua if I remember correctly). I whored this bile, this sorry excuse for a blog and there were a small minority who actually enjoyed this shit, which made me happy. Then I ran out of ideas, people stopped reading and so I stopped. But I need a punching bag, so I'm going to be writing again.

Its been an odd few months to say the least. I've lost 2st, which is probably the biggest personal achievement since I downed a bottle of Peach Schnapps in Spain on tour with my rugby team. Granted I'm no Karen Carpenter, but I'm no longer looking like Tom Hanks with a glandular problem and Type 2 diabetes.
I'm currently typing with a right hand in bandages due to sparring at the gym. I missed the boxing pad and hit the trainer in the face, his face was ok, but my hand wasn't. So I have a Keith Lemon-esque bandage on. I'm just thankful it wasn't my left hand, because I'm left handed. Not that I need to write, but you know. Yeah.
My American friend from New York came over for a few days. I met him at Edge Hill Uni where he was studying for a semester here. We instantly bonded over jokes about paedophilia and Hooverphonic and that was that. I took him out round Blackpool with a few of my heavy metal mates, who enjoyed being regaled of stories about semi automatic rifles and how Giacomo Puccini was the rock and roll legend of the classical era. I have to say there was a strong feeling off trepidation when he came over to meet my Mum, this fear was realised when he made a joke about being deported for having sex with a 16 year old. Thankfully she just laughed, looked at me, I shrugged my shoulder, laughed and moved the conversation over towards how it was such a lovely day.

I'm determined to keep going with this, I've missed it like mad, and I'm desperate to get up to 3000 views. So I'll see you soon, and if you have any questions you want me to answer, just let me know, they'll be answered with either complete hysteria or by me just calling you a prick.

Love and Airwaves Black Mint



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